Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Great Facebook Plague of '07

Anyone who's anyone uses Facebook. And anyone who uses Facebook knows of the creeping, unrelenting plague that is slowly grinding down Facebook into a MySpace-like mush.

You all know what I talk about! What I fear! What I dread!

It's the epitome of evil, the example by which Satan is measured, the darkest of.. you get the picture. I'm talking Facebook Apps.

Well after spending a fair amount of time scrolling thru endless "Harry Potter Sorting Hat", "iLike" and "What Friends Character Am I?" apps, I eventually got a bit peeved. So off I went on a merry Google adventure and found myself some gems.

Gold Star Award!
Without further extraneous lexical intercommunication I give you:
Greasemonkey - install this before attempting to install the next ones

Facebook Profile Cleaner,
Minimize Display Facebook Requests
Remove Facebook Application Icons and last but not least
No Facebook Ads

Greasemonkey is a Firefox addon that allows custom code to be applied to webpages and needs to be installed before the user scripts.

Of course you'll need a proper browser like Firefox if you want to have a hope in hell of using this frankly Facebook-saving bit of code.

Bit of a short post I know, but it's quality and not quantity this time.