Saturday, August 05, 2006

I have converted to the dark side!!!

I have got a replacement for the hunk-o-junk that was the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A1667G Athlon 4000+ Mobile laptop.

What's more is that the shop (Micro Anvika) gave me the full amount of what I originally paid for the laptop, even though it was purple (yes I spray painted it), broken and memory-less (they couldn't trade in the unbranded 2GBytes of memory I bought for the laptop)! I think they deserve a Gold Star Award! for this! A Gold Star Award! is a highly sought after award which I have just made up now and will keep track of all the people/companies/pizzas I award it to.

It is a brand new Apple MacBook Pro 2GHz!!! It comes in a really nice case too! Better than the massov case that FSC and every other PC manufacturer supply. So overall it cost an extra £600 when the £999 for the old laptop was taken off the list price. Yes it's VERY expensive but then you're paying for quality.

I am actually quite nervous about the whole business. Edd is telling me "I told you so" meaning that everyone who wants to use their computer will eventually get an Apple Mac.

Time will tell whether I miss using M$ Windows.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My laptop is dead. AGAIN.

My laptop has decided to die. Again. For the third time. With the same problem. I think I demanded too much from the poor thing.

What I did, seemed to me to be quite acceptable and I thought that the laptop could handle it without frying its graphics card.

Here is what I did:

  • Attach a secondary monitor (nothing too stressful yet)
  • Put MSN, Firefox etc. onto the secondary monitor (childs play up to now)
  • Open up ShiftWindow (alarm bells will begin ringing for those who know what this does)
  • Open up Counterstrike Source (uh oh)
  • Configure ShiftWindow to run Counterstrike Source in a window, covering the whole of the laptop primary monitor (this program is amazing; because normally if CSS is run in a window and you click on anything on the secondary monitor, then it minimizes even there is no need to; this program stops this VERY annoying problem)
  • Play Counterstrike Source, and when dead answer the weirdos who decide to talk to me on MSN and check mail
Now obviously all this was too much for the inadequate cooling available to the laptop, and as such it bluescreened a couple of times then refused to POST.

So now I am in the predicament of deciding whether to get it repaired again just for the same thing to happen, or get some sort of replacement.