Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Useful stuff for Windows on a Mac

Windows on a Mac is most weird. Heresy/blasphemy/anathema even.

But to make the experience as OSX/nigh on perfection as possible, here are some programs I have "obtained".

  • Bootcamp - Contains the needed Boot agent and Windows drivers to get the whole thing going
  • InputRemapper - enables most of the keys on the keyboard; FN, Volume, Eject, Brightness being the more important ones
  • MacDrive - allows read and write operations on a Mac formatted drive; very useful if you want to have your iTunes on Windows if they're on the Mac partition. I would advise searching on torrent sites for it, but I would get my blog closed down, so I will not
  • Microsoft Intellipoint 5.5 - puts a cool onscreen volume control when the volume is changed with the keyboard
  • "Royale" Media Center skin for Windows XP makes Windows XP look a lot prettier with no need for bloatware such as StyleXP or WindowBlinds
Obviously there are the vital programs such as Firefox and MSN but they don't really need to be added to this list.

Gold Star Award!s have been awarded to InputRemapper and the Intellipoint programs because they OWN.