Thursday, February 12, 2009

My rather ill-executed attempt to install my free HDD

Just taking a break from implementing my final year project, an Automated Student Attendance System, and relaxing by blogging! Anything to relieve the boredom!

As some of you may know from reading my Twitter, I got a free 250GB IDE HDD from my Dad. What you may not know is that my motherboard only has 1 IDE slot which are taken up by my optical drives. Luckily (I then thought) I have an IDE>SATA Converter which will do what it suggests it does. So I install that (after realising that it can be installed wrongly, despite the little notch) and happily boot up my system only to find that it runs an actual 10x slower! Now, file transfers usually average around 30MB/s. This converter was only giving me 3MB/s! Meaning that something that could've taken 6 minutes was taking an hour!

I realise about here that this is an extremely tedious blogpost. So I'll cut this extremely dull story short:

And now this blog has bored me more than my project. I'll write some better stuff later!