Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dead Lappie

Stupid expensive waste of space. It's gone and well and truly broken this time. Even the great Dr Fix-It, can't. I was happily playing Counterstrike Source, when suddenly it shut down. So naturally I turned it back on, only to find that when it got into windows, it just switched off again. I tried everything that I could think of and everything the internet could suggest to find out the cause. Nothing.

In case you're wondering what I've tried, or thought about trying but have been unable to so far, since I'm currently at a friend's, here's a list...

  • All the various Safe Modes - almost always a good call
  • Restore Last Known Good Settings - when the above fails
  • System Recovery Console - never actually had to use before
  • USB Flashdrive Boot - tried to reflash the BIOS back up to the latest version
  • Network Boot - briefly looked into it, but I needed a degree in Linux Networking Geekery to be bothered
  • Reinstall - crashed in setup (wtf??!?!) - at this point I am starting to get a little worried, but console myself with the fact that the CD I used was mentioned friend's (Eddie) dodgy all in one Windows copy
  • Shouting at mentioned laptop
  • Switching it on and off repeatedly in the vain hope it might work again

Bearing in mind that I have an up-to-date-recommended-by-various-geek-computer-magazines virus protection I have no idea what it could be. Looks like another return to Fujitsu Siemens support (who btw are a bunch of overcharging, retail box stealing, opportunistic cowboys; they couldn't even reassemble my laptop properly, LOOK)

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stupid n00bs (stupid doesn't quite cut it)

huzzah for Imageshack!!!

Pestilence, famine and death upon Fujitsu!!!

Also rains of fire, sulfur and dead animals upon their sister company, Siemens; who have a retarded name anyway; damn germans...